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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroutinerou‧tine1 /ruːˈtiːn/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER the usual order in which you do things, or the things you regularly do John’s departure had upset their daily routine. Try to get into a routine (=develop a fixed order of doing things). my daily exercise routine Dressing is a task which we do every day as a matter of routine (=done regularly and not unusual).2 [countable]APD a set of movements, jokes etc that form part of a performance a dance routine3 [countable] technicalTD a set of instructions given to a computer so that it will do a particular operationroutinize /ruːˈtiːnaɪz, ˈruːtiːnaɪz/ verb [transitive] American EnglishCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + routinesomebody’s daily routineMake exercise part of your daily routine.somebody’s normal/usual/regular routineAlthough he'd gone, I continued with my normal routine.somebody’s morning routineHis morning routine started with a cup of tea followed by a shower.the old routineI get sick of the same old routine day after day.a familiar routineCats and dogs like a familiar routine.verbsget (somebody) into a routine (=develop a fixed order of doing things, or make someone do this)Try to get your baby into a routine.slip/fall/settle into a routine (=get into a routine without making any difficulty)The team slipped quickly into a routine.break a routine (=do something different)Bella didn’t break her routine for anyone.disrupt/upset somebody’s routineShe disliked things that disrupted her routine.phrasesa matter of routineThis briefing is a matter of routine whenever a new minister takes office.a break from routine (=a change)I needed a break from routine.
Examples from the Corpus
routineMost babies soon develop a daily routine of eating and sleeping.The starlings' daily routine in the Park begins at dawn.The daily routine starts early, around 6:00 a.m.Still, others managed to maintain their daily routines.His routine consisted of work, dinner, then TV and bed.I was looking for a way out of the monotonous routine at the factory.This practice should be based on proven principles, acceptable to all, and not on routine and ritual.By representing words in the definitions as integers, storage requirements decrease dramatically and efficient sorting routines become easily applicable.Now, with hearing loss, the routine needs to be reviewed, to plan when to talk and when not to.These routines are written in assembly language but called as procedures or functions from Pascal modules.She does not like having her work routine interrupted.You should still play a full part in Arrange definite times and a workable routine.matter of routineBlood samples should be taken to measure the client's electrolyte and urea levels as a matter of routine.Search at the police station should not be undertaken as a matter of routine but only where justified under Lindley v. Rutter.By May first, I was able to walk from ten to twelve yards as a matter of routine.The eventual change-over becomes a matter of routine.The family in the house is oblivious; coughing is a matter of routine.Was it a matter of routine, or was there some specific, possibly propagandist purpose?Officials at the exchange said yesterday that its current investigation was a matter of routine.After that, it was a matter of routine procedure.dance routineTo the outsider the movements of a kata resemble a dance routine.No experience is necessary and all dance routines will be taught by the club's choreographer.Suzi Hoflin came in with two of her pupils and put Ingrid through a reasonable enough gypsy dance routine.It's a very young role and she has to lead the gypsy dance routine.Three o'clock in the morning, bopping through a weird limb-jerking dance routine, and she looks like a child at playschool.I've been practising this mega dance routine.My costume fits O.K.; the tight velvet pants worked well in the dance routine work-through this morning.She'd rehearsed a number at her house with our choreographer the evening before, a whole dance routine.