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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishburybur‧y /ˈberi/ ●●● W3 verb (buried, burying, buries) [transitive]  1 PUT somebody IN GRAVEdead personMX to put someone who has died in a gravebury somebody in/at etc something He was buried in the churchyard of St Mary’s.2 PUT something UNDER EARTHobjectHIDE/MAKE IT HARD TO FIND OR SEE to put something under the ground, often in order to hide it Electric cables are buried beneath the streets.3 COVER WITH somethingfall on something [usually passive]COVER to fall on top of someone or something, usually harming or destroying thembe buried under/beneath etc something The skiers were buried under the snow. Fifty-seven miners were buried alive.4 hidden to cover something so that it cannot be foundbe buried under/in something His glasses were buried under a pile of papers. Grammar Bury is usually passive in this meaning.5 FEELING/MEMORYfeeling/memoryIGNORE to ignore a feeling or memory and pretend that it does not exist a deeply buried memory 6 bury your face/head etc (in something)7 bury your face/head in your hands8 bury your head in the sand9 bury the hatchet/bury your differences10 PUSH something INTO A SURFACEin a surfaceWORK HARD to push something, especially something sharp, into something else with a lot of forcebury something in something The dog buried its teeth in my leg. The bullet buried itself in the wall.11 bury yourself in your work/studies etc12 information to put information in a document in a place where it is unlikely to be noticed, or to not make it available to people The story was buried at the back of the paper.13 loved one literary to have someone you love die She had buried her husband, two sons, and a daughter. be dead and buried at dead1(14)→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
buryWe hope to bury any speculation that there was a conspiracy.Some of the phone lines are buried beneath the streets.Heberle confirms the mains will be buried between 36 inches and 44 inches deep.The arteries, much more rigid than veins and buried deeper in the body, are unaffected.Tennessee buried Florida 45-3 in Saturday's game.He murdered his wife and buried her body in a field.The refugees, having buried his body, are forced to move on.It is an earthwork which appears to descend into the ground and is partially buried in the soil.Whitney, the high country is absolutely buried in the stuff.The hardest thing a mother can do is bury one of her children.The dog buried one of my slippers in the backyard.People may bury painful childhood memories to protect themselves.Four other abandoned children whose final days had not been as comfortable were buried that same day.Snakes usually bury their eggs.Although it had been buried without a coffin, it was found perfectly preserved.Your relatives have to bury you in an envelope.buried aliveHe was going to be buried alive!The burrow collapses around them so that they are effectively buried alive.He is haunted by flashbacks of being beaten, tortured and buried alive, but they are fragmented memories.The older method entailed the risk of being buried alive by collapsing river banks.The bodies of 56 people who were tortured, executed and even buried alive by Hizbullah have been found in several towns.And when it comes to danger, what about the fifty-seven miners buried alive in the Borken disaster only this year?No chance of being buried alive, not with this.We are to be buried alive under charters.