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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchurchyardchurch‧yard /ˈtʃɜːtʃjɑːd $ ˈtʃɜːrtʃjɑːrd/ noun [countable]  RRCMXa piece of land around a church where people are buriedgraveyard
Examples from the Corpus
churchyardTheir own church of St Dionysius was allowed no churchyard.This ended the controversy and at last the Sutton villagers were able to be buried in their own churchyard.The hearse took her to St Paul's churchyard where the service was to be held.Adjoining the churchyard is the Buttermarket, but only in name now.That's how I reached the marshes, and the churchyard.Now somebody was playing games and ... his eyes sharpened as he caught a movement in the churchyard.She went into the churchyard and found their parents' grave.About midnight the wind freshened from the estuary, rustling the hawthorn in the hedgerow round the churchyard.