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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorpsecorpse /kɔːps $ kɔːrps/ ●●○ noun [countable]  MXDEADthe dead body of a person syn body The corpse was found by children playing in the woods.
Examples from the Corpus
corpseIt is in these brasses that one discovers the three different ways of positioning the arms of a corpse.Brief peace settled over Ulthuan, like the shroud over a corpse.The streets were filled with the stench of decaying corpses.For a year or more Menelik had lain in the palace, a living corpse, paralysed and speechless.Everything that could be smashed had been, but we found no corpses.They often made presents of their relatives' corpses to whites.Tubs, their ribs opening, held the corpses of camellias, their desperation for water manifest.Nilsen was finally arrested when pieces of the corpses he was flushing down the toilet blocked the drain.Thieves are digging up corpses in order to steal jewellery and gold teeth.This was sublime ridiculousness, to give away a blood-soiled shirt to a walking corpse.