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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfatalityfa‧tal‧i‧ty /fəˈtæləti/ noun (plural fatalities)  1 [countable]DIE a death in an accident or a violent attack a 50% increase in the number of traffic fatalities2 [uncountable] formalMX the fact that a disease is certain to cause death The most serious form of skin cancer has a 30 percent fatality rate.3 [uncountable] formalCONTROL the feeling that you cannot control what happens to you
Examples from the Corpus
fatalityA further adjustment is required for direct costs associated with a fatality that are not borne by the family of the victim.Airplane fatality rates are low.Six months on, few of the fish have grown and fatalities have begun to occur.At least one double fatality has been caused in this way.This is borne out by the 1991 figures which tell us that out of eight fatalities, half involved the tractor.There were no hepatic fatalities in the United States in patients over 10 years of age on monotherapy.But there were no fatalities and the number of accidents for older riders was falling.New drugs have reduced the fatality of the disease.This year there have been 15% fewer traffic fatalities.