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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgravestonegrave‧stone /ˈɡreɪvstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ noun [countable]  MXa stone above a grave showing details of the person buried there syn tombstone
Examples from the Corpus
gravestoneHe was particularly delighted by the hearth - a seven-foot-by-three slate slab - probably a gravestone, he thought.His discovery of the Hovis process is recorded on his gravestone.Tombs and monuments were knocked to pieces, and ordinary gravestones shattered in rows.Slowly, a drawing emerged of a yew tree, overlooking several gravestones.Take the footpath between the hedge and the gravestones to go through a gate and along a grassy path.People presently came flowing out of the door and spread between the gravestones.The firm from whom the gravestone had been commissioned had telephoned about dimensions and other details.The gravestones I can still read give only names and dates.