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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadstonehead‧stone /ˈhedstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ noun [countable]  MXa piece of stone on a grave, with the name of the dead person written on it syn gravestone, tombstone
Examples from the Corpus
headstoneNo grave in the old cemetery near the town site has a headstone with the name of Ed Bailey.There was no headstone, but it was neatly tended and there were fresh flowers in a stone jar.The harbor; suddenly, was a coastal graveyard, one headstone overturning, and one plot coming undone.Grave sites are swept, flowers placed, food offered, meals arranged at the headstones.Now I looked at the headstone, kicked a few rocks, tried to experience a feeling of loss.It was Ernst Neizvestny who was later asked to make the headstone for Khrushchev's grave.In 1891, an obelisk of Aberdeen granite was erected as a memorial in place of the headstone.Contemporary locomotives are carved on their headstones, which also bear nauseating rhyming epitaphs of the kind so beloved by the Victorians.