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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmausoleummau‧so‧le‧um /ˌmɔːsəˈliːəm $ ˌmɒː-/ noun [countable]  MXa large stone building made specially to contain the body of a dead person, or the dead bodies of an important familytomb the Lenin Mausoleum
Examples from the Corpus
mausoleumTheir new flat was a mausoleum to future prosperity.And there was Papa in this great mausoleum.When full, Singing Hills will accommodate 30,000 underground burials and an additional 20,000 in mausoleums and crypts.It was his building, Lewis' s. It was like his tomb or mausoleum, almost airless.There would be thousands of them gathered in the mausoleum square the day Baker arrived.The cemetery is so densely occupied that in many of the mausoleums, coffins are piled up to 10m high.After touring the mausoleum, the peasant returns and again asks where he can find Mao alive.