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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmortalitymor‧tal‧i‧ty /mɔːˈtæləti $ mɔːr-/ ●○○ noun (plural mortalities)  1 [uncountable] (also mortality rate / $ .ˈ.../)SSMX the number of deaths during a particular period of time among a particular type or group of people Mortality from heart disease varies widely across the world.infant/child/maternal/adult mortality an appallingly high infant mortality rate (=number of babies who die)2 [uncountable]DIE the condition of being human and having to die opp immortality My mother’s death forced me to face the fact of my own mortality.3 [countable] technical a death mortalities from cancer
Examples from the Corpus
mortalityCancer mortality among older people is high.Fetal, infant and early childhood mortality and maternity related deaths to women of reproductive age are the classes of mortality examined.And we are also experiencing mortality. in some areas very rapid mortality.Of all groups, single males have the highest mortality rate-and suicide is increasingly the way they die.Nevertheless, the reasons for the striking decline in infant mortality in this period remain rather mysterious.In the high grade group, none of the variables or different modes of treatment influenced mortality.Whatever way they sliced the statistics, the mortality of the red spruce was dramatic and frightening.Doctors are reminded of their mortality every day.Total mortality and each of the outcomes of coronary heart disease increased as severity of periodontal disease increased.infant/child/maternal/adult mortalityThe correlation between infant mortality and fertility has not been well documented.Tampa General Hospital created a subsidiary to combat infant mortality.Although food is more plentiful these days, child mortality remains dangerously high.Firstly people are living longer, there is low infant mortality, but the average age of the population is rising as well.The decline of infant mortality makes it easier to accept the idea of smaller family size.Early maturity also reduces male juvenile mortality and thus opposes adult mortality.In a region where infant mortality is high, the argument struck a responsive chord.From the 1840s child and young adult mortality contributed most of the decline.own mortalityWas he contemplating his own mortality?The spectator has come for blood, but did not buy his ticket to be reminded of his own mortality.It was an opportunity to rehearse for my own mortality, right?The dying planet has a metaphysical relationship to my own mortality and to that extent my inquiry into landscape is inherently ironic.Above all, experiencing our parents' death forces us to face the fact of our own mortality.This means that they had had a heightened awareness of their own mortality more or less throughout the disability career.Time forces people, however brilliant, to taste their own mortality.They are reconciling themselves to their own mortality.