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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmournermourn‧er /ˈmɔːnə $ ˈmɔːrnər/ noun [countable]  MXsomeone who attends a funeral
Examples from the Corpus
mournerThe Liverpool mourners were most fortunate than most.The crowd of mourners at his funeral bore witness to the affection and respect Stanley had earned through his life and work.Earlier in the same church hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of another victim, 52-year-old James McKenna.Unlike the other mourners, they were wearing Earnhardt jackets and hats.But the poem appears to commend long-suffering endurance and to suggest that mourners may be silently visited by Divine Grace.He has seen the mourners, his landlords, only twice.The mourners stood in a circle on the sand, three hundred yards down from the parking lot.Reggie Cleveland told mourners at the memorial in the Cheyenne Civic Center.