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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremainsre‧mains /rɪˈmeɪnz/ ●●○ W3 noun [plural]  1 REMAIN/BE LEFTthe parts of something that are left after the rest has been destroyed or has disappearedremains of On the table were the remains of the evening meal. extensive Roman remains (=of ancient buildings) at Arles2 MXBODYthe body of someone who has died Her remains are buried in Westminster.
Examples from the Corpus
remainsThese rocks contain the fossilised remains of extinct animals.A plastic bag containing some of his remains was found two weeks later at Reigate.This facial reconstruction is used by police when they're trying to identify human remains.They also direct preparation and shipment of remains for out-of-State burial.The architect's remains are interred in St Paul's cathedral.A special chapel was built to house Spencer's remains.In shallow marine sediments from anywhere on the present Earth one might expect to find the skeletal remains and teeth of sharks.They found the remains of a young woman under the floor boards.Before me were the remains of an impromptu wedding breakfast.