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2 verb
rest2 S3 W3


[intransitive] to stop working or doing an activity for a time and sit down or lie down to relax:
If you're tired, we'll stop and rest for a while.

support something

[intransitive,transitive always + adverb/preposition] to support an object or part of your body by putting it on or against something, or to be supported in this way [↪ lean]
rest (something) against/on something
Rest your head on my shoulder.
Brassard rested his elbows on the table and leaned forward.
Their bikes were resting against the wall.

rest your feet/legs/eyes etc

to stop using a part of your body because it is feeling sore or tired:
I need to sit down and rest my legs.

let the matter rest

also let it rest to stop discussing or dealing with something:
The man apologized, but Aunt Matilda refused to let the matter rest.

rest assured (that)

formal used to tell someone not to worry, because what you say about a situation is true:
You may rest assured that it will be ready on time.

somebody will not rest until...

if you will not rest until something happens, you will not be satisfied until it happens:
We will not rest until the murderer is found.

dead person

MX [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] literary if a dead person rests somewhere, they are buried there:
My mother rests beside my father in the family graveyard.
somebody's last/final resting place (=the place where someone is buried)
rest in peace (=often written on a grave)

rest on your laurels

to be satisfied with what you have done, so that you do not make any further effort

I rest my case

a) formalSCL used by a lawyer when they have finished trying to prove something in a court of law
b) used when something happens or is said which proves that you were right - used humorously

rest easy

to relax and stop worrying:
I can rest easy, knowing everything's under control.

rest on/upon something

phrasal verb
1 formal to depend on something:
Success in management ultimately rests on good judgment.
2 formal to be based on a particular idea or set of facts:
The case against my client rests entirely on circumstantial evidence.
3 if your eyes rest on something, you notice it and look at it:
His eyes rested on a small figure in the distance.

rest with somebody

phrasal verb
if a decision rests with someone, they are responsible for it:
The final decision rests with the President.

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