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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsepulchresep‧ul‧chre British English, sepulcher American English /ˈsepəlkə $ -kər/ noun [countable] old use  TBBMXa small room or building in which the bodies of dead people were put
Examples from the Corpus
sepulchreWith all her best efforts, she was whitewashing a sepulchre.Man, beast or daemon, Drachenfels lies mouldering in a filthy sepulchre.What finer sepulchre of honour could any Marine ever aspire to?The lid of his now-gone sepulchre remains, a marble piece with Grifo's carved effigy.They find the stone gone and enter the sepulchre.Resurrection, therefore, means that moment when one bursts forth from the sepulchre of the old man.They see that the stone guarding the entrance to the sepulchre has been rolled away.