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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshroudshroud1 /ʃraʊd/ noun [countable]  1 MXa cloth that is wrapped around a dead person’s body before it is buried2 literaryCOVER something that hides or covers something The fog rolled in, and a grey shroud covered the city.shroud of A shroud of silence surrounded the general’s death.
Examples from the Corpus
shroudIt looks like a man wrapped in a shroud.Smoke cast a gray shroud over the city yesterday afternoon.When she was in her forties she embroidered herself a fine white-on-white linen shroud.Now in the shroud of mist I see only the gloomy prospect of losing it.But a moment later, the shroud reappears, driven together by the churning of a deep distributed mob.Stowage for a Danforth-type anchor is provided in the starboard side deck close to the shroud anchorage.We rolled heavily as I clung to the shrouds scanning the reef as best I could.But what else could explain this shroud of secrecy?shroud ofWhat could explain the shroud of secrecy surrounding the project?