Topic: DEATH

Sense: 1-2,4
Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Perhaps from Dutch wak or Middle Low German wake, from Old Norse vok 'hole in the ice, especially as made by a boat'
Sense: 3
Date: 1400-1500
Origin: WAKE1


2 noun
wake2 [countable]

in the wake of something

if something, especially something bad, happens in the wake of an event, it happens afterwards and usually as a result of it:
Famine followed in the wake of the drought.

in somebody's/something's wake

behind or after someone or something:
The car left clouds of dust in its wake.
3MX the time before or after a funeral when friends and relatives meet to remember the dead person
4TTW [usually singular] the track made behind a boat as it moves through the water

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