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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_354_awreathwreath /riːθ/ noun [countable]  1 wreath.jpg HBPMXa circle made from leaves or flowers that you put on the place where a person is buried The prime minister laid a wreath at the war memorial.2 a circle of leaves or flowers that people use to decorate their houses at Christmas3 HBPWINa circle made from leaves that a person wore on their head in the past as a sign of honour a laurel wreath
Examples from the Corpus
wreathHe sits on the grass lacing stiff boots into a wreath of effort and breath.Although it is July, the house has a Christmas wreath hung in its picture window.Doris Allen of San Francisco arrived wearing a silver silk floral wreath atop her head.Okra pods also can be dried and used on holiday wreaths, or picked on stems and used in dried floral displays.There was my wreath, and a lot of flowers from Margaret, and another wreath from Doreen.The survivors joined them a few minutes later, leaving their own wreaths and flowers.There were piles of bad-taste wreaths around and sickly tremolo organ music.Miss Lofthouse had taken the wreaths from the Memorial.laid ... wreathClinton laid a wreath of red and white roses before a majestic memorial at Piskaryevskoye Cemetery.Voice over Ex-petty officer, Sid Hall laid a wreath to remember lost colleagues.Charles, who laid wreaths in Hong Kong yesterday, played polo on her birthday in July.