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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_354_awreathwreath /riːθ/ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 wreath.jpg HBPMXa circle made from leaves or flowers that you put on the place where a person is buried πŸ”Š The prime minister laid a wreath at the war memorial.2 a circle of leaves or flowers that people use to decorate their houses at Christmas3 HBPWINa circle made from leaves that a person wore on their head in the past as a sign of honour πŸ”Š a laurel wreath
Examples from the Corpus
wreathβ€’ He sits on the grass lacing stiff boots into a wreath of effort and breath.β€’ Although it is July, the house has a Christmas wreath hung in its picture window.β€’ Doris Allen of San Francisco arrived wearing a silver silk floral wreath atop her head.β€’ Okra pods also can be dried and used on holiday wreaths, or picked on stems and used in dried floral displays.β€’ There was my wreath, and a lot of flowers from Margaret, and another wreath from Doreen.β€’ The survivors joined them a few minutes later, leaving their own wreaths and flowers.β€’ There were piles of bad-taste wreaths around and sickly tremolo organ music.β€’ Miss Lofthouse had taken the wreaths from the Memorial.laid ... wreathβ€’ Clinton laid a wreath of red and white roses before a majestic memorial at Piskaryevskoye Cemetery.β€’ Voice over Ex-petty officer, Sid Hall laid a wreath to remember lost colleagues.β€’ Charles, who laid wreaths in Hong Kong yesterday, played polo on her birthday in July.