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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmailmail1 /meɪl/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [uncountable]  1 TCMthe letters and packages that are delivered to you You shouldn't read other people's mail. He found a mountain of mail waiting for him. She promised to forward my mail to my new address (=send it from your old home or office to your new one). He gets sacks of fan mail (=letters from people who admire him). hate mail (=letters from people who hate you)2 especially American EnglishTCM the system of collecting and delivering letters and packages syn post British English The mail here’s really slow and unreliable. The product will be sold mainly through the mail.in the mail I’ll put the check in the mail tomorrow.by mail Did you send the document by mail?registered/express/first-class etc mail I sent my application by registered mail. Most reports are sent via internal mail (=a system of sending documents to people inside the same organization).3 messages that are sent and received on a computer syn email I check my mail a couple of times a day. She's just received another mail message from them.4 PMDarmour made of small pieces of metal, worn by soldiers in the Middle Ages voicemailCOLLOCATIONSverbssend mailPlease do not send personal mail to my work address.get/receive mailDid we get any mail this morning?the mail comes/arrivesThe mail had come late that day.the mail goes (out) (=it leaves an organization to be sent)What time does the mail go out?read your mailThe first thing he did was read his mail.open your mailShe opened her mail as she ate her breakfast.forward/redirect somebody's mail (=send it to a new address)The post office will forward your mail for a limited time.deliver the mailThe postman had just delivered the mail.sort mail (=put it into different piles, ready for delivery)Some mail still has to be sorted by hand.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + mail personal/private mail (=for one person to read and nobody else)He accused her of reading his private mail.fan mail (=letters from fans)He gets so much fan mail he had to employ a secretary to deal with it.hate mail (=letters expressing hate)She got threatening phone calls and hate mail.junk mail (=letters, usually advertisements, that you do not want)I only ever get junk mail and bills.registered mail (=letters insured against loss or damage)You have to sign for registered mail.
Examples from the Corpus
mailDwight Silverman can receive electronic mail via the Internet.Editing was done via express mail.Is that all the mail that came today?No prisoner touches mail before it's been examined by staff.Rambam printed business cards carrying a working telephone number complete with voice mail.Sarah brought your mail over.internal mailThen I sort the internal mail for the office.mail messageYou may copy either a subset or all of your oldest 16 mail messages.Up to 16 mail messages can be accessed at one time.If all the above conditions are met, the new user will be notified by way of a mail message.At the completion of the offline run, a mail message will be sent to the Offline Manager.Please read the specified mail message for more information on the error.If the entry is blank, the mail message has not been inspected.Otherwise, the comment is used in the mail message to inform the package manager that approval has been denied.