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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresistancere‧sist‧ance /rɪˈzɪstəns/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun  1 against change [singular, uncountable]FIGHT FOR OR AGAINST something a refusal to accept new ideas or changesresistance to people’s resistance to changeresistance from The no-smoking policy was introduced with little resistance from staff.2 fighting [singular, uncountable]PMD fighting against someone who is attacking youput up/offer resistance Rebel gunmen have put up strong resistance.3 against infection/illness [singular, uncountable]MIHB the natural ability of a person, animal, or plant to stop diseases or difficult conditions from harming themresistance to the body’s resistance to infection disease resistance4 wind/air/water resistance5 electricity [uncountable]TEEHPE the ability of a substance to stop the flow of an electric current through it6 the resistance7 the line/path of least resistance passive resistanceCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2adjectives strong resistanceHe prepared for strong resistance to the changes.stiff resistance (=strong resistance)The city government is facing some stiff resistance.considerable resistance (=fairly strong resistance)The proposals met with considerable resistance from our American colleagues. fierce resistanceEndeavours to change their religion had provoked fierce resistance.stubborn resistanceThe stubborn resistance of the people remains an inspiring example.heroic resistanceThe threat of invasion drew the Greek cities together in heroic resistance to the Persians.token resistance (=not great or sincere)He put up only a token resistance.passive resistance (=a way of protesting against something or opposing a government without using violence)Suffragettes resorted to passive resistance as the only weapon at their disposal.verbsput up resistance (=resist someone or something)If the rest of us are agreed, I don’t think he’ll put up much resistance.offer resistanceThe demonstrators offered no resistance.meet (with) resistance (also encounter resistance formal) (=be resisted)Attempts to modify the curriculum have met with strong resistance in many colleges.The troops advanced swiftly, encountering only minor resistance.overcome resistance (=fight and win against it)How can he overcome resistance to the idea in Congress?crush resistance (=end it by force)He added that any resistance would be crushed.resistance + NOUNthe resistance movement (=all the people who work together to resist military forces controlling their country)Members of the resistance movement were arrested and shot.a resistance groupThe resistance groups are well armed.a resistance fighterResistance fighters had captured a German officer.
Examples from the Corpus
resistanceMiddle-class resistance is therefore the greatest threat to the Republicans' tax-reforming efforts.In most cases, the insulin resistance is due to obesity, especially the accumulation of too much fat within the abdomen.Almost immediately, however, a fierce nationalist resistance erupted directed by a fiery prophet in the hills of Galilee.Because unlike the marmots, the rats had no resistance to the disease that the fleas carried.There has been a lot of resistance to tax increases, even those designed to benefit education.She became one of the symbols of resistance both at home and abroad.The first line of plant resistance is the surface skin layer, the epidermis, like your own skin.But there has also been a remarkable resistance.At the same time he was capable of strong resistance to conformity.Any policy that creates unemployment is likely to meet with strong resistance.Vitamins can build up your resistance to colds and flu.resistance toIt's surprising how little resistance there's been to the new budget plan.