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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdesignerde‧sign‧er1 /dɪˈzaɪnə $ -ər/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  BOAVDsomeone whose job is to make plans or patterns for clothes, furniture, equipment etc an interior designer a software designerdress/fashion designerCOLLOCATIONStypes of designera fashion designer (=for clothes)the well-known fashion designer, Giorgio Armania dress designer (=for clothes for women)Christian Lacroix was one of Paris's most flamboyant dress designers.a top designer (=a very good and famous fashion designer)She always wore clothes by top designers.an interior designer (=for the colours, materials etc inside people's homes)The apartment's previous owners had hired an expensive interior designer. a graphic designer (=who designs the way pictures and words look in books, magazines etc)He's been working as a graphic designer for two years.a software/program designer (=for computer programs)Software designers are working on a new operating system.a Web designer (=for websites)The software allows Web designers to embed small programs into their webpages.a garden/landscape designer (=for gardens)A landscape designer was commissioned to design the garden.a furniture designerThe tables and chairs were made by the furniture designer Robert White.a costume designer (=for clothes for the actors in a play)He spent eight years as a costume designer for TV commercials.
Examples from the Corpus
designerDesigners at Ford say the car's soft shape is supposed to be attractive to women.Design development loop: involves the curriculum designer, program designer and teacher developers.The show features clothes by famous fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier.Lately, designers are getting more power, perhaps sacrificing a bit of that sweetness, out of single-ended designs.We asked our designer to create a series of very different looks using Allied furniture, carpets, fabrics and accessories.Anyone with experience as a Web page designer can easily get a job.I recommend hiring a professional designer.Task lighting around the desk is the expected norm in most hotels, and some designers favour floor lamps beside the armchairs.The designers showed that they understand her position.interior designerThe previous owners, one an interior designer, had renovated the whole place very much to Sue and Reg's taste.Eighty interior designers had gathered to hear her at the Washington Design Center.I recalled that a famous interior designer had been consulted on the layout.For interior designers, sofas have always been a prime consideration.He wondered if he'd have made a good interior designer.She accepted John Saladino as an established and known interior designer.Few carpet companies exhibit, making it an even more exclusive event for Stoddard Mercia amongst Britain's leading interior designers.Add a border or binding down the leading and bottom edges of curtains for a real interior designer touch.