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swirlswirl2 noun [countable]  1 TURNa swirling movement or amount of somethingswirl of a swirl of dust2 AVDa twisting circular pattern
Examples from the Corpus
swirlTo follow Bavarian creams and chocolate chestnut swirl.The wind had strengthened, and there was more rain too, blowing in swirls.They're inconsequential swirls, all wah wah pedal and no tune.Pipe the chocolate into swirls over the chocolate-coated truffles.Leaving behind the familiar phrasings, Coltrane began to produce swirls of sound and visceral shrieks that puzzled and angered music critics.The sky hung low, a cloudy canvas with swirls of dark purple and stormy greys.swirl ofa swirl of dustThe sheets were covered in bright swirls of color.