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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrinkdrink1 /drɪŋk/ ●●● S1 W2 verb (past tense drank /dræŋk/, past participle drunk /drʌŋk/)  1 drink.jpg [intransitive, transitive]DFD to take liquid into your mouth and swallow it You should drink plenty of water. What would you like to drink? Take a seat while I get you something to drink. She filled the glass and drank.2 [intransitive]DFDDRUNK to drink alcohol, especially regularly or too much He’s been drinking heavily since his wife died. I don’t drink. Don’t drink and drive. My flatmate Cherry drinks like a fish (=regularly drinks a lot of alcohol).3 drink yourself silly/into a stupor/to death etc4 drink somebody under the table5 What are you drinking?6 drink somebody’s healthTHESAURUSsip (also take a sip) to drink something very slowlyslurp informal to drink something in a noisy waygulp something down (also down something) to drink all of something very quicklyknock something back informal to drink all of an alcoholic drink very quicklyswig (also take/have a swig) informal to drink something quickly with large mouthfuls, especially from a bottleswallow to make food or drink go down your throat and towards your stomachShe swallowed the bitter medicine instead of spitting it out. drink something in drink to something drink up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
drink"Whiskey?" "No thanks, I don't drink."What do you want to drink?Is this water safe to drink?They had drunk a great deal and the night was warm, but on a sudden they were both stone-cold sober.He's been depressed, and drinking a lot more recently.Did you drink a lot over Christmas?I think people who drink and drive should be banned from driving permanently.Customers stopping by to drink coffee and check on the markets screen found themselves locked out.A man was sitting at a small table in the corner, drinking coffee from a delicate china cup.It was clear that Malone had been drinking heavily.My uncle drinks like a fish, and has done for years.She's been drinking more heavily recently.The Romans believed the amethyst prevented drunkenness and used to drink out of goblets studded with these purple gems.They drank powdered milk instead of fresh.Pascoe drank some more whisky; then he drank a little more than that.She picked up the cup and began to drink thirstily.They want customers to drink up, but wisely.He was drinking vodka straight from the bottle.Charlie drinks way too much coffee.Eventually I delivered my health to chance and drank whatever my companions drank.Drink your coffee before it gets cold.something to drinkCan I get you something to drink?The ladies were thirsty and wanted something to drink.Um, I want something to drink.Do you want something to drink?I'm really thirsty. Let's stop for something to drink.Can I bring you something to drink?I gave them all pencils and a scratch pad and something to drink.Maybe the ant would bring him something to drink.Singing loudly he entered the living-room and called for his wife to bring him something to drink.Some guy with a Cliffside jacket asks me if I want something to drink.She should have got something to drink while she waited for the chemist but she hadn't thought of it then.drinks like a fishLuke drinks like a fish.