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2 noun
drink2 S1 W2
1 [countable] an amount of liquid that you drink, or the act of drinking something
drink of
Have a drink of water.
Do you want a drink of my tea?
He took a drink of his coffee.
2 [uncountable and countable]DFD liquid that you can drink:
They sell soft drinks (=non-alcoholic drinks).
food and drink companies
3 [uncountable and countable]DFD an alcoholic drink:
Have another drink.
After that news I need a stiff drink (=strong alcohol)!
go for a drink British English (=go to a pub)
Let's go for a drink.
4 [uncountable] the habit of drinking too much alcohol, in a way that is very bad for your health:
The marriage ended because of her husband's drink problem (=he drank too much alcohol).
They had driven him to drink (=made him start drinking too much alcohol regularly).
After her retirement from the stage she took to drink (=started drinking too much alcohol).


[plural] British EnglishDFDL a social occasion when you have alcoholic drinks and sometimes food
for drinks
Don't forget we're invited to the Jones' for drinks on Sunday.

the drink

old-fashionedDN the sea, a lake, or another large area of water