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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaperitifa‧per‧i‧tif /əˌperəˈtiːf/ noun [countable]  DFDan alcoholic drink that people drink before a meal
Examples from the Corpus
aperitifIt can serve as aperitif or dessert.Your private beach Enjoy a cool aperitif Can you think of anywhere better for breakfast?That evening, he and Elinor drank aperitifs in the summer salon.It was still early for dinner, so they had aperitifs at a cafe in a street near the Gritti.They have a variety of interesting reception options including aperitifs in the famous London Zoo Aquarium.Over aperitifs, there was a chance to mingle with friends old and new, before sitting down to luncheon.It starts with a potent aperitif called Mulsum which takes twenty four hours to mature.Nora is distinctly gloomy tonight-perhaps on account of the seaweed aperitif.