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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeveragebev‧er‧age /ˈbevərɪdʒ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  formalDFD a hot or cold drink alcoholic beverages the Food and Beverage Managersee thesaurus at drink
Examples from the Corpus
beverageNon-alcoholic beverages will be on sale in the foyer.The group's core business is premium quality alcoholic beverages.Many people find it hard to distinguish the taste of one kola-nut-flavored carbonated beverage from another.Money center banks, telephone and drug issues gained, while communications equipment, beverage and electrical equipment shares sank.Milk in final packaged form for beverage use must be pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized.Since caffeine is usually consumed in beverages, the liquid by itself will result in an increased urge to urinate.The Board remains committed to the further development of the Group's core international beverage businesses.His waters were drunk for their health-giving properties and as refreshing beverages, sometimes mixed with syrup or wine.The quick-heating concept is not new in the beverage industry.