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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbistrobis‧tro /ˈbiːstrəʊ $ -troʊ/ noun (plural bistros) [countable]  DFDFDa small restaurant or bar a French bistro
Examples from the Corpus
bistroThe atmosphere is that of a village with antique shops, delightful pubs, tea shops and bistros.Big screen coverage guaranteed the small cellar bistro was packed.Stay out of Chinatown, away from all those South of Market bistros with black windows.Skippers bistro Off-beat but well worth seeking out.There was a small bistro near the television studios which suited her perfectly.A few minutes later we were seated at a corner table in the small bistro which I had known for several years.The second point being that Placide was awaiting me there in that bistro.We were eating breakfast together in the bistro of the Hotel le Royal.