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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboozebooze1 /buːz/ noun [singular, uncountable]  informalDFD alcoholic drink a bottle of boozeon the booze He’s been on the booze (=drinking too much alcohol) for five days.off the booze My husband is now off the booze (=no longer drinking too much alcohol) and he is a different person.
Examples from the Corpus
boozeThe prince is known for his love of women, gambling, and booze.He was drowning himself in booze and self-pity.Louise looks like a waif and has indulged in more booze and cigarettes than she should have.The combination of booze and drugs made him violent.Listen, I have quite a lot of booze.And that would mostly have gone on booze and horses.The doctor told Jimmy to stay off the booze for a while.Anton smelled the booze on Parker.Jack led Rothstein and friend to the West Side garage where the booze truck was parked.The booze would help him sleep better.off the boozeWe must lay off the booze even during Holy Communion.