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brewbrew2 noun  1 DFD[countable] especially British English a drink that is brewed, especially tea2 [countable, uncountable] American English beer, or a can or glass of beer a cold brew in a frosty glass3 [countable usually singular] a combination of different thingsbrew of The band played a strange brew of rock, jazz, and country music. home brew
Examples from the Corpus
brewEach brew master was a craftsman with a personalized understanding of how beer should taste.Earl Grey never seemed such a decent chap, and we laze back to enjoy his brew.As for the potent brew itself, that won't be ready until Christmas.A change into dry clothes before gearing up and a quick brew.Off we went to a rickety bar in Sabinal Mextown and spent an hour sopping up the brew.In the days when most types of beer were dark, wheat brews were seen as being relatively pale and often cloudy.