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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrewerybrew‧er‧y /ˈbruːəri/ ●○○ noun (plural breweries) [countable]  BBCDFDa place where beer is made, or a company that makes beer
Examples from the Corpus
breweryThere also were 200 beer breweries.The air was scented by the hoppy smell of the small Ridder beer brewery, the only industrial site in view.Surely it is time that breweries understood the importance of their Victorian pubs, and turned to conservation rather than mutilation.Outside the smell from the brewery hung over the town, stifling as a warm pillow, making it difficult to breathe.It also acts as a standby in case of breakdown elsewhere in the brewery.Water power is put to use in various ways throughout the brewery, including the pumping of beer to different tanks.I got in and we followed Hubert to the brewery, where Jack paid for the beer and saw it loaded.He was an apprentice electrician at Watneys brewery in Mortlake.