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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbroachbroach /brəʊtʃ $ broʊtʃ/ verb [transitive]  1 broach the subject/question/matter etc2 DFDto open a bottle or barrel containing wine, beer etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
broachYou could see De Gaulle fervently hoped it wouldn't be broached again.Recently, Milosevic broached one possibility.But we have not yet broached the explanation of these changes.I think Susan is being bullied at school, but every time I try to broach the matter with her she refuses to talk about it.He decided not to broach the subject of divorce until his wife had recovered from her illness.It was half a year, he thought, since she had last broached the subject of his bachelor status.But what was still troubling her was the fact that she had still not broached the subject of Janice.When, two months later, Father van Exem broached the subject, the Archbishop was actually quite upset about the idea.Moreover Pound's anti-Semitism, later so notorious, certainly casts a sinister light on his readiness to broach these issues.