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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaskcask /kɑːsk $ kæsk/ noun [countable]  DFDa round wooden container used for storing wine or other liquids, or the amount of liquid that it contains syn barrel a cask of rum
Examples from the Corpus
caskA number of brewers now use a device called a cask breather on low volume beers to prolong their life.The beer is run into casks.Clarets are aged in stainless steel vats or oak casks, and are bottled only when they are considered ready for sale.Good selection of cask conditioned ales, wines and whiskies.They also say the 25-ton stainless steel casks used at some plants to stored cooled material above ground are too expensive.Ahab considers this and then goes to the deck and orders that the casks be examined.There are two ways in which cask beer can be stored that interfere with the vital secondary fermentation.The wine casks are opened and the crew revels through the night, drinking and shouting and singing.