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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchalicechal‧ice /ˈtʃælɪs/ noun [countable]  DFDDa gold or silver decorated cup used, for example, to hold wine in Christian religious services
Examples from the Corpus
chaliceBut more often, he was there in the front row with a chalice or a chasuble to lay on the stage.With the law-and-order brief, Yeltsin may have handed him a poisoned chalice.In a short time, his appointment has come to look like a poisoned chalice.Afterwards, Coleman urged his new colleagues to reject this poisoned chalice, but only the Esseffs heeded his advice.Stewards, chalice bearers and coffee helpers all played important roles and more recruits would be welcomed.Restoring the brush to the altar, the Reclusiarch lifted the sharp little knife and the chalice.Floating clover-like foliage surmounted by tiny glistening gold and white chalices.