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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoffee barˈcoffee bar noun [countable]  DFDTBBa small restaurant that serves coffee and other non-alcoholic drinks, sandwiches, cakes etc coffee shop
Examples from the Corpus
coffee barComplimentary coffee and tea; also has a coffee bar for espresso and biscotti.! end!The other times he had sat in a coffee bar with her and listened to the juke box.Other new retail ventures include a new coffee bar and a 24-hour diner on Main and Fourth streets.We never had a good restaurant or coffee bar before.But you can do more than stand around the coffee bar and wring your hands with your co-workers.Again, as in the coffee bar, I almost turned round, so clear was the tone, so near.But none of this disturbed my mind or my body as I looked across at the girl in the coffee bar.He was still gazing at her across the warm fog of the coffee bar.