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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcognacco‧gnac /ˈkɒnjæk $ ˈkoʊ-, ˈkɑː-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  DFDa kind of brandy (=strong alcoholic drink) made in France, or a glass of this drink
Examples from the Corpus
cognacChoose a jug of red wine, a dynamite margarita or finish with a fine cognac.Volkov says, and looks into his cognac.What makes cognac the international high-flyer, and armagnac the spotty, stay-at-home plodder?Were these real tears, or was he just squeezing them out after too much cognac?Do join us for a glass of cognac or champagne.Bring another round of cognac, immediately!Port is immediately suggested by Stilton; cognac by coffee.