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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdissolutedis‧so‧lute /ˈdɪsəluːt/ adjective  SYDFDhaving an immoral way of life, for example drinking too much alcohol or having sex with many people syn debauched
Examples from the Corpus
dissoluteSitting like that, slumped and half-naked, he looked almost dissolute.Zacharias was a minor painter when he wasn't living off his mistresses, and reputedly a dissolute.Yes, he had heard about him and his dissolute bad life; also vague tumours about the old scandal.This makes it less likely that investors would encourage a dissolute borrower to mend its ways by withholding finance.In less-than a week I was employed in the dissolute field of computers.I can not see her as an innocent victim of a nasty and dissolute hippie.It is Peer Gynt, who has lived a dissolute life.Sadie returns to Seattle from a dissolute road journey.