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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistillerydis‧til‧le‧ry /dɪˈstɪləri/ noun (plural distilleries) [countable]  DFDTIFa factory where strong alcoholic drink such as whisky is produced
Examples from the Corpus
distilleryA distillery that wanted to launch a new brand of whisky would face this situation.Sales have fallen and distilleries have closed.Now that agave is scarce, it is the tequila distilleries that are hurting.Eight of the distilleries in the island have commenced work for the season.The Council; s regional surveys did not directly include whisky distilleries, for a variety of reasons.Morayshire is the heart of the whisky industry and you can take the famous Whisky Trail to seven distinctive malt whisky distilleries.