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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdramdram /dræm/ noun [countable]  DFDa small alcoholic drink, especially whisky – used especially in Scotland
Examples from the Corpus
dramIt was weeks later before he realised it was one of his team, heading for a dram in Dunbar High Street.John produced the remains of a bottle of whisky and they all had a dram to celebrate.Cameron could sense James Menzies fidgeting and breathing beside him and he wondered if he had had a dram.There are 27.34 grains in one dram, 16 drams to one ounce and 16 ounces to one avoirdupois pound.If only I could see you - just once? all our drams, Vincent, where are they?Maybe the wee dram given to me by one of the Sergeant instructors kept out the cold.The Highlanders were very generous, not only with their bagpipe reeds but also with their wee drams.