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drinkdrink2 ●●● S1 W2 noun  1 [countable] an amount of liquid that you drink, or the act of drinking somethingdrink of Have a drink of water. He took a drink of his coffee.2 [countable, uncountable]DFD liquid that you can drink What’s your favourite drink? food and drink companies3 [countable, uncountable]DFD an alcoholic drink He’d obviously had a few drinks. Let’s go for a drink.4 [uncountable] the habit of drinking too much alcohol, in a way that is very bad for your health The marriage ended because of her husband’s drink problem (=he drank too much alcohol). They had driven him to drink (=made him start drinking too much alcohol regularly). After her retirement from the stage she took to drink (=started drinking too much alcohol).5 drinks6 the drinkCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1,2, & 3verbshave a drink (=drink something, especially an alcoholic drink)Let’s go and have a drink.take a drinkHe took another long drink of water.go for a drink (=go to a pub or bar)Why don’t we go for a drink after work?buy/get somebody a drink (=in a pub or a bar)It’s my turn to buy you a drink.pour (somebody) a drinkShe got out two glasses and poured us a drink.make (somebody) a drink (=make tea or coffee)Shall I make you a hot drink?sip your drink (=drink it in very small amounts)Connie was sitting at the table, sipping her drink slowly.down your drink (=drink it very quickly)He downed his drink and stood up.adjectivesa soft drink (=which does not contain alcohol)Would you like some wine, or a soft drink?an alcoholic drink (=containing alcohol)Beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks will be available.a fizzy drink British English, a carbonated drink American English (=with bubbles of gas)Dentists have warned that sweet fizzy drinks are bad for children’s teeth.a hot/warm drinkCome inside and I’ll make you a hot drink.a cool/cold drinkThey were all out in the garden, sipping cool drinks.a refreshing drink (=making you feel less tired or hot)Enjoy a refreshing drink in our lakeside café.a stiff/strong drink (=a drink with a lot of strong alcohol)He was in need of a stiff drink to calm himself down.a relaxing/leisurely drink (=that you drink in a slow relaxed way)The hotel terrace is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing drink.a diet drink/a low-calorie drink (=containing less sugar than ordinary ones)People are buying more and more diet drinks.a celebratory drink (=in order to celebrate something)After winning the game, they went out for a celebratory drink. THESAURUSdrink something that you drink‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘Yes, I’ll have a lemonade.’They had a few drinks in a local bar. something to drink especially spoken a drinkCan I get you something to drink?soft drink a cold drink that does not contain alcohol, especially one that is sweet and has bubbles in itCoca-Cola and other soft drinkstoast a drink, usually of wine, that a group of people have on a special occasion, for example to celebrate something or wish someone luck in the futureAt midnight they all drank a toast to the New Year.beverage /ˈbevərɪdʒ/ formal, especially written a drink – often used on menus and signsBeer is the most popular alcoholic beverage.the list of beverages
Examples from the Corpus
drinkGive the children a drink of milk and something to eat.Do you feel like going out for a drink tonight?They all went for a drink together after the film.Enroute grab a drink from one of the dozens of eager volunteers."Would you like a drink?" "Yes, I'll have a lemonade please."Again, my Dad liked a drink.He takes a drink, moans with pleasure at the taste.Do you want a drink?"Can I get you a drink?'' "I'll have a gin and tonic, please.''a drink of waterThere will be plenty of food and drink available at the fair.You can bring your own food and drink to the picnic.It's under $10 for lunch and drinks at the Ivy Bush.a nice cool drinkAfter a few drinks, Rick began to feel better.She tipped her drink over his head and stormed out.His family life is beginning to be affected by his drinking.He finished his drink and got up to leave.It all stunned Jack, who was a sucker for slick talk, and he bought me drinks for an hour.They've always got loads of drink in the house.We went out drinking last night.These were then combined as a buffet and served back to the students together with one free soft drink of their choice.Con got back with the drinks at the same time as Margaret reached the table.The roof garden of the Caravelle was one of the few places where drinks could still be had.took to drinkAfter his business failed, he took to drink.Better she saw angels than took to drink.Well, Yon Yonson took to drink and stayed in the pub until he'd drunk up most of his grant.