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fizzfizz2 noun [singular, uncountable]  1 DFDSOUNDthe bubbles of gas in some kinds of drinks, or the sound that they make2 DFD British English informal champagne
Examples from the Corpus
fizzShares were given a fizz rising 8p to £2 before slipping to close at 198p.Would make a good mix for Kir Royale or Bucks fizz.New Orleans favours a mid-morning milk punch, or its own variation on the gin fizz.The champagne tasted sharp and dry and it had lost its fizz.They kissed her and all had another glass of fizz before Charles started the dreary journey back to Willesden on the Underground.Maybe there's a slight fizz of excitement when the day arrives.That change should take the fizz out of the stock market, Mr Lucas figures.