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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkirschkirsch /kɪəʃ $ kɪrʃ/ noun [uncountable]  DFDa strong alcoholic drink made from cherry juice
Examples from the Corpus
kirschAdd cherries and kirsch, honey, and vinegar.Place one cake on a serving plate, spike all over with a skewer and lace with half the kirsch.Then add the Port-Salut, minced as thinly as possible, the kirsch and a pinch of Cayenne pepper.Mix the prepared fruit with the kirsch and divide equally among four small ramekins. 2.Crisp filo pastry slices are filled with bramley apple, sultanas, and black cherry with kirsch and must be served warm.Fruit and cream meringue nests Slice strawberries and drizzle with kirsch.Place the remaining cake on top of the cherries, spike and lace with kirsch as before. 7.I should like poached eggs, darling, on anchovy toast and strawberries with kirsch.