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lacelace2 verb [transitive]  1 (also lace up)TIE to fasten something by tying a lace syn tie Lace up your shoes or you’ll trip over.lace something to something The canvas was laced to a steel frame.2 DFDto add a small amount of alcohol or a drug to a drinklace something with something coffee laced with Irish whiskey3 BENDto weave or twist several things togetherlace something together Hannah laced her fingers together. lace something with something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
laceSmoke lay heavy on the far side of the water, laced eerily with threads of light from the blaze.Loops and spurs of railroad track laced it all together.He sits on the grass lacing stiff boots into a wreath of effort and breath.He then put the shoes on and laced them up.Dave laced up his running shoes and ran off.While Brown touted initiatives created in his tenure, some of the speech was laced with hyperbole.lace something with somethinghot chocolate laced with cinnamonA woman was poisoned with a soft drink laced with rat poison.