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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlicensedli‧censed (also licenced British English) /ˈlaɪsənst/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 British EnglishDFD having a licence to sell alcoholic drinks a licensed restaurant2 SCLEGALa car, gun etc that is licensed is one that someone has official permission to own or use3 PGhaving been given official permission to do a particular job a licensed private investigator
Examples from the Corpus
licensedMost of these are supplied by licensed and contract brewing agreements with long-established partners.Like the committees of July 1936, they issued passports, raised local levies, licensed apothecaries.Getting a job at another licensed dealer was somewhat easier.Most licensed dealers could not resist kicking a man when he's down.This went to show that the full potential of a client was measurable only outside the licensed dealing fraternity.licensed driversMoney from the fund was payable to depositors on the insolvency of a recognised bank or licensed institution.Membership of the Society is open to anyone interested in amateur radio, whether licensed or unlicensed.In Derby it is a condition on the public entertainment licence for all licensed premises employing doormen.