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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlicensing lawsˈlicensing ˌlaws noun [plural]  DFDSCthe British laws that say when and where you can sell alcohol
Examples from the Corpus
licensing lawsThey say: There are no rules outside the normal licensing laws.It leads to calls for increased marketing restrictions, unwarranted price rises and restrictive licensing laws.The Electric Circus closed down, due to ridiculous licensing laws, in October 1977.Since Edinburgh's licensing laws were liberalised in the 1970s, Lothian and Borders police statistics indicate that late-night violence has escalated.While trains are exempt from the licensing laws, stations are not.But Britain being Britain, where the licensing laws are as restrictive as ever, they had no choice.In compliance with the licensing laws the children's rehearsal wasn't to be held until later in the afternoon.