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locallocal2 noun [countable]  1 [usually plural]LIVE SOMEWHERE someone who lives in the place where you are or the place that you are talking about We asked one of the locals to recommend a restaurant.2 British EnglishDFD a pub near where you live, especially one where you often drink I usually have a pint or two at my local on Friday nights.3 American EnglishTTTTTC a bus, train etc that stops at all regular stopping placesexpress4 American EnglishBEL a branch of a trade union
Examples from the Corpus
localLocal 54 of the Hotel Employees' UnionThe new theaters are attracting crowds of tourists and locals alike.This made it easier for absentee owners to vote than for locals, since locals had to get to the polling station.Denver International Airport was built in an area that locals call "Tornado Alley."But the locals aren't giving up yet.I began to defend the locals we represented.With tourist traffic plunging at famous museums and monuments, the locals have lots of newfound elbow room.If you get lost just ask one of the locals for directions.Such a day was Saturday, 22 June 1929, Black Saturday to the locals - the day of the influx.The locals got together with Light Motion for a Sunday workshop and have been in rehearsals all week.