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maturemature2 ●○○ AWL verb  1 [intransitive]ADULT to become fully grown or developed As the fish matures, its colours and patternings change.mature into She has matured into a fine writer.2 [intransitive]SENSIBLE to become sensible and start to behave sensibly and reasonably, like an adult He has matured a lot since he left home. He wants to prove just how much he has matured both as a player and as a man.3 [intransitive]DF if a financial arrangement such as a bond or an insurance policy matures, it becomes ready to be paid4 [intransitive, transitive]DFDFD if cheese, wine etc matures, or if it is matured, it develops a good strong taste over a period of time Few beers brewed in Britain are matured in the bottle. The olives are pulped, then left to mature.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
matureA tree takes many years to mature.Some early doubts as to the applicability of that privilege before a legislative committee never matured.This was mid-June, and in the nearby fields, next season s crops were maturing.This will probably develop as he matures.It starts with a potent aperitif called Mulsum which takes twenty four hours to mature.Any project involving rockets is always risky, but the technology is maturing all the time.The 13-week bills mature April 4,1996, and the 26-week bills mature July 5,1996.These bonds mature in 12 years.The fly matures in only seven days.John's really matured in the last two years.Girls tend to mature more quickly than boys, both physically and emotionally.In the hot weather the fruit matured quickly.Corn needs longer to mature than soybeans.The haulm must be allowed to mature to increase the dry matter content.