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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoonshinemoon‧shine /ˈmuːnʃaɪn/ noun [uncountable] informal  1 especially American EnglishDFDDRINK strong alcoholic drink that is produced illegally2 STUPID/NOT SENSIBLE British English an idea or statement that is silly or wrong and does not deserve serious attention syn nonsense He regarded her plans as romantic moonshine.
Examples from the Corpus
moonshineAt least Morton would never fall into that trap ... But it was all moonshine.What do these guys think we do in Texas, boil moonshine in the back woods?His refusal to forswear moonshine, however, mocked her with the most painful failure of all.Like most country bootleggers, Sam bottled his moonshine in canning jars.With an awkward smile he gulped what remained of his moonshine and set the cup on the table.The nearest bank was headed for, and out came their supply of local moonshine.He decides that his desires are simply moonshine.