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nipnip2 noun [countable]  1 PRESSthe act or result of biting something lightly or pressing something between two fingers, edges, or surfaces His dog gave me a painful nip on the leg.2 DFDDRINKa small amount of strong alcoholic drinknip of a nip of brandy3 a nip in the air4 nip and tuck
Examples from the Corpus
nipHe thought she might be on the point of offering him a nip of whisky but she did not go that far.A nip here, a tuck there, and it was seven years ago.He took to having a daily early-morning nip from a half-bottle of whisky in his hip pocket.The dog gave me a playful nip.He called his technique nips for blips, blips being the little green numbers that represent bond prices on the screens.The nip on my cheeks of it confirms life.It was nip and tuck up to 7-7 before Best opened up a 12-9 lead.Already, the darkness was closing in, and there was a real winter nip in the air.He was shortly drinking hard, following bourbon two-fers with nip bottles of Lucky Lager.