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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoff-licenceˈoff-ˌlicence noun [countable] British English  DFDSHOP/STOREa shop that sells wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks, in bottles or cans syn liquor store American English
Examples from the Corpus
off-licenceLicences normally take either of two forms: a full on-licence, or an off-licence.An off-licence permits the sale of liquor for consumption off the premises.Cook's Chenin Blanc sells at around £3.79 a bottle from Tesco and leading off-licences.Meanwhile, two men involved in the uproar surrounding the Chancellor's visit to a west London off-licence have been suspended.Hit hardest in Lurgan are businesses which open late such as pubs, off-licences and fast food bars.I get to my studio at about 7.30am and the off-licence opens at 8am.Fog or no fog, she would have to go out as soon as the off-licence opened to replenish her stock.Threshers have different names for their off-licences.