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refillre‧fill2 /ˈriːfɪl/ noun [countable]  1 DCONTAIN/HOLDa container filled with a particular substance, such as ink or petrol, that you use to fill or replace an empty container, or the substance itself a refill for his pen2 DFDanother drink of the same kind Would you like a refill? a free refill
Examples from the Corpus
refillA cup of coffee is $1.20, refills are free.A large soda is $1.50. Refills are free.refills for an ink penHe took a boat-shaped piece of pastry filled with crab and proffered his glass for a refill.She spooned more sugar into her empty coffee cup and motioned to the waitress for a refill.My wineglass was empty and she was bringing me a refill with unheard-of good grace.The number of patients granted refills at their pharmacies is unrecorded.a prescription refillRichard gets a second refill on his coffee.