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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishryerye /raɪ/ noun [uncountable]  1 TACa type of grain that is used for making bread and whisky rye bread2 (also rye whiskey American English)DFD a type of American whisky made from rye
Examples from the Corpus
ryeThe fungal disease affects wheat, durum wheat and triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye.He lay with his cheek in the green rye grass.So I will give you two ways to make rye bread.a bottle of ryeHe pulled the horse round to face eastwards, then spurred it into the tall field of rye.a pastrami sandwich on ryeHe went back past the chestnuts, keeping in the shadows of the tall rye on the western side of the road.The fillings are as generous as their Stateside forebears and the rye bread has a nice, chewy texture.He forced his way through the rye till he was past the chestnuts, then turned to his right.There was a time when rye was more abundant than wheat and rye bread was the bread of the masses.