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shakeshake2 ●●○ noun  1 [countable]SHAKE if you give something a shake, you move it up and down or from side to side Give the bottle a good shake before use. He refused with a shake of the head (=a movement of the head from side to side to mean ‘no’).2 [countable]DFD a cold drink made from milk, ice cream, and fruit or chocolate syn milk shake a strawberry shake3 the shakes4 in a couple of shakes/two shakes5 no great shakes6 get/give somebody a fair shake
Examples from the Corpus
shakeShe dropped the pillow back into place and gave herself a shake.He picked up the envelope and gave it a bit of a shake.At first light I gave Taff a shake and presented him with a mug of tea.Got ta love the pineapple shake too.At 4 a. m., he drinks a protein shake with four more dietary supplements and six amino acids.For those who know nothing of the quick-step, the shake or the twist, there is a late night disco.Give ... shakeAt first light I gave Taff a shake and presented him with a mug of tea.Fool! she chastised herself, giving herself a shake as the buzzer on the microwave announced that the chicken was ready.I squeezed him, gave him a shake, admired his appendage politely.It gives her the shakes and ruins her concentration.She gave a frustrated shake of her head.The man and woman were giving it a shake and preparing to fold it.The sky gave one almighty shake and split open.