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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshotshot1 /ʃɒt $ ʃɑːt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 SHOOTgun [countable] a) an act of firing a gun He pulled out his rifle and fired three shots. She was killed by a single shot to the head. b) SOUNDthe sound of a gun being fired Where were you when you heard the shot? c) a good/bad etc shotDS someone who is good, bad etc at shooting Sergeant Cooper is an excellent shot.2 bullets [uncountable] a) PMWsmall metal balls that are shot, many at a time, from a shotgun b) old usePMW large metal balls that are shot from a cannon3 attempt to score [countable]DS an attempt in sport to throw, kick, or hit the ball towards the place where you can get a point Shaw took a shot at the goal from the halfway line, but missed. Good shot!4 TCPPICTUREphotograph [countable] a photograph syn pictureshot of a close-up shot of a demonstrator being beaten by a policeman I managed to get some good shots of the carnival. We hired a photographer to take some publicity shots. action shots of football players (=ones taken of people while they are moving) mugshot5 film/tv [countable]TCPAMF the view of something in a film or television programme that is produced by having the camera in a particular position In the opening shot, we see Travolta’s feet walking down the sidewalk.6 attempt [countable] informalTRY TO DO OR GET something an attempt to do something or achieve something, especially something difficultshot at (doing) something This is her first shot at directing a play. If Lewis won his next fight, he would be guaranteed a shot at the title (=chance to win the title). I decided to have a shot at decorating the house myself. I didn’t think I had much chance of winning the race, but I thought I’d give it a shot (=try to do it). The network finally gave Keaton a shot at presenting his own show. 7 give something your best shot8 be a long shot9 a 10 to 1 shot/50 to 1 shot etc10 a shot in the dark11 critical remark [countable] a remark that is intended to criticize or hurt someone I’m not going to sit here listening to you two take shots at each other all night. She couldn’t resist a parting shot (=one that you make just before you leave) – ‘And you were a lousy lover!’ That was a cheap shot (=one that is unfair and unreasonable)!12 like a shot13 a shot across the bows/a warning shot (across the bows)14 big shot15 drink [countable]DFDDRINK a small amount of a strong alcoholic drinkshot of a shot of tequila a shot glass (=a small glass for strong alcoholic drinks)16 drug [countable] especially American EnglishMDDDRUG an injection of a drug (=when it is put into the body with a needle) syn jab British English Have you had your typhoid and cholera shots?17 a shot in the arm18 heavy ball [countable]DS a heavy metal ball that competitors try to throw as far as possible in the sport of shot put call the shots at call1(9), → by a long chalk/shot at long1(21), → long shot at long1(18), → buckshot, gunshot, snapshot, pot shotCOLLOCATIONSverbsfire a shotThe passenger in the car fired three shots.take a shot at somebody (=fire a shot trying to hit someone)Someone took a shot at her, but missed.a shot hits somebody/somethingThe shot hit the burglar in the chest and killed him instantly.a shot misses somebody/something (=doesn’t hit them)The first shot missed my head by inches.a shot rings out (=is heard)Suddenly, two shots rang out.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + shota pistol/rifle shotA pistol shot rang out in the darkness.a single shot (=just one shot)He died from a single shot to his heart.the fatal shot (=the shot that killed someone)It wasn’t clear who had fired the fatal shot.a warning shot (=one fired as a warning to someone)Police fired warning shots into the air.a good shot (=one that hits what you aim at)It was difficult to get a good shot in the dense forest.phrasesa volley of shots (=a number of shots fired quickly)He fired off a volley of shots from his rifle.
Examples from the Corpus
shotIn the second round he muffed a shot about 90 yards and banged his ball against a tree.This was not a candid shot.Police fired shots into the air and used water cannon to disperse the crowd.His first shot missed. The second hit its target.I got some great shots of Mount Fuji with the sun setting behind it.It wasn't too windy, but windy enough to cause the occasional shot to go astray.The cars went past so quickly that she only had time to take a couple of shots.As Charlie dived for cover behind the altar, a second shot went off.Peter Jacobsen despatched the first serious shot of the Masters.Many times the Bruins appeared unprepared for the shots and were in poor rebounding position.With rigid body, I waited for the shots, but none came.Shaw made the shot and turned to run down the court.Denver 105, Bulls 99: Bulls made 39. 8 percent of their shots.shot ofHe poured himself another shot of whiskey.shot at (doing) somethingThey have traded the rough-and-tumble world of Texas politics for a shot at Hollywood fame.A crazy man, some one she had never seen before, took a shot at her from a rooftop.Anna Well... a shot at it.Hence, some of the recent below-the-belt shots at Forbes from former Tennessee Gov.Cannon raised one of her own stones to lie shot at the first where they stole a single.Disappointment at not getting a sure-thing shot at pop stardom.That would set him up for a world title shot at the end of this year in Belfast.The video version was shot at Stonehenge.take shots atIf he wants to continue, I may take shots at Bam.So Dole has started taking shots at Forbes.shot glassThe ski on the bar had six shot glasses glued to it.The nails had the same shine as the shot glass from which Gruner had sipped his mineral oil.Manning would follow Foster back to his table by the stove, put the shot glasses in front of him.They piled into the car and headed off to the local market to sell the shot glasses and recoup cash.All in all, the view from inside this shot glass is remarkable.